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Best Expense Tracking Apps

Saving money often means tracking your expenses, and there are apps to help you do that! We’ve rounded up the best expense tracker apps out there.

Best Expense Tracking Apps

Ready to get yourself on a budget? There are apps for that — and we’ve got a roundup of those right here.

But don’t click away just yet! Before you start budgeting, you should start tracking expenses, first. It’ll be helpful to know exactly how much of your money is going toward mocha lattes and Friday night cocktails before you go and spend all of your monthly discretionary budget in one wild weekend!

Fortunately, there are apps for this, too. Read below for some of the best.

1. Mint

Every expense tracking list needs to include Mint — and that’s because this app is not only one of the best free apps for tracking expenses, but also because it offers you a huge number of financial tools. To start with, this app tracks your expenses, and it’ll notify you of changes, like if your phone bill goes up. It also keeps track of all your accounts, and you can use it to create a budget, too.

2. LendingTree

Hear us out — LendingTree isn’t just a place to get a loan. Actually, there’s an expense tracking app available for iOS and Android, too. It’s free to use, and you can link your bank accounts to it. From there, it will help you track expenses and subscriptions to give you an idea of where your money is going.

3. Expensify

This one is tailor-made for tracking business expenses — which is super useful if you need your workplace to reimburse you or if you’re a small business owner. With that, you don’t need to be a business owner to use it. Many use it to track personal expenses, too. Expensify has a free version with limited tools plus paid pricing tiers that unlock extra features for power users.

4. Rocket Money

This is a top-tier pick among good expense tracking apps. Rocket Money (formerly known as TrueBill) gives you an expense tracker that helps you stay on top of spending. It also does something else that many people love: It hunts down your subscriptions and tracks them for you. Tired of paying money every month for app subscriptions you forgot about? With Rocket Money, you can find them and cancel them.

5. QuickBooks

If you’re a fan of features, QuickBooks is the tool for you. This is a robust platform that will let you do just about anything you might need. Start using QuickBooks to track expenses — and you can even use it to create reports so that you can compare expenses from one week or month to the next. When you’re ready, use it to create a budget. It’s powerful enough that small businesses use it to track expenses, too.

The only downside is that QuickBooks isn’t free — though you can usually get a 30-day free trial. Often, you can get discounts on the monthly subscription cost, too, so search around for savings before handing over your hard-earned cash.

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