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How to Motivate Yourself to Save Money

You know you want to save, but you don't know how to motivate yourself to save money. Allow us to help with these five simple tips.

How to Motivate Yourself to Save Money

It seems like there's always a holiday, birthday, or a new season to shop for. With all that rolling cheer, it's tempting to put saving off for later. But you really can do both! All you need is a little encouragement, and we're here to cheer you on.

Whether you want to save more money each month, curb your spending habits, or save up for something special, these motivating ideas can help. 

How to Save Money, and Love Doing It! 

1. Create a coupon ritual

If couponing or budgeting is more of an afterthought, pencil them in! Choose a day and a time where you sit down to gather coupons for all the shopping you'll do for the week.

To make it fun, turn it into me-time with a little music and your favorite drink. Then stash those coupons in your bag so they're already there when you need them! 

2. Make it rain ... for a rainy day

Sometimes saving is more fun when you know what you're saving for! Whether you're dreaming of a vacation, a shopping spree, or a safety net, working toward a goal makes it harder to "break." To stay motivated, create a dollar goal, and draw out how close you're getting. Update it regularly. The changing visuals will get you more and more excited! 

3. Let's play a game! 

Gamify your savings by making if/then scenarios. For example, if you buy yourself a treat, then you put a dollar (or more) in savings. Another way to spin this idea is to play "round up." So any time you make a purchase, you round up to the nearest dollar figure. If you spend $10.99, you only put a penny in savings. But if you spend $3.01, you're contributing a whole 99 cents. An even purchase means you contribute a whole dollar. Want to raise the stakes? Round up to the nearest ten dollars. 

4. Reward yourself for hitting goals

When you reach a savings goal, celebrate!  While you don't want to undo your hard work, it's important to acknowledge that your efforts paid off. Think of a few low-cost or free treats that will make you feel happy. Cook your favorite dinner, invite a friend over for a glass of bubbly, or indulge in a binge-watch night.

5. Identify your "why"

Ultimately, knowing why saving money is important is the best way to stay motivated. Maybe you want to have an emergency fund, save for retirement, or just feel like you're not "scraping by." These are all great reasons to save, and identifying that for yourself can help you resist impulse buys. Write a note somewhere you'll see it when you go shopping, to keep your eyes on the prize.