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5 Apps to Help You Sleep

Struggling to fall asleep at night? Check out these free and cheap sleep apps, available on desktop, iOS, and Android. Find an app for sleep to help you practice mindfulness and get a quality night of sleep.

5 Apps to Help You Sleep

We've all been there. You finally make it to your bed after a long day of working, carpooling, volunteering, cleaning, or running errands... and all of a sudden, you can't seem to shut off your brain. Whether you're anxious about tomorrow's schedule or are kicking yourself for that late afternoon caffeine boost, luckily, there's an app to help soothe you to sleep. From background noise to meditative bedtime stories, here, check out 5 of the best apps to help you sleep.

1. Headspace

Headspace is probably best known as a meditation app, but the free version comes with a selection of "sleepcasts" that are sure to send you into a slumber. These sleepcasts are like bedtime stories meant to relax you and ease you into sleep, whether it's by visualizing a midnight stroll through a garden or an after-hours trip to an antique store. If you're interested in the expanded version, you can purchase it for around $70 per year.

2. Noisli

If Noisli worked for you as a focus app, why not try it as a sleep app? You can use this app on desktop or mobile to create an ideal sleep soundtrack - all crafted from background noise. Think: rainforest sounds, thunderstorms, or even white noise. Want even more sounds? Upgrade to the paid version, starting at $10 per month.

3. Calm

Calm is another well-known mindfulness app, but it can also be handy when bedtime rolls around. This sleep app has a Sleep Stories section with stories for kiddos and adults - you'll get a limited selection for free, and you can unlock it for $70 per year after a seven-day free trial. 

4. Tide

Tide is for more than just bedtime (check it out for daytime focus techniques!). But when nighttime comes, check out their library of audio soundscapes and mindfulness tips. Whether you want to practice deep breathing or need help unplugging for the day, this free sleep app is a great option to explore. 

5. Slumber

Are bedtime stories more your thing? Slumber is a free sleep app packed with stories and guided meditations designed to help you calm down and fall into a deep sleep. You can even customize each story by adjusting sound effects, nature sounds, and background noise. This app comes with a free trial but will then cost $59.99 per year.

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