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4 Spring-Inspired Self-Care Sunday Ideas

Happy Self Care Sunday! Start your week off on the right foot with these spring-inspired self-care Sunday tips to take care of your mind and body.

4 Spring-Inspired Self-Care Sunday Ideas

For those with busy weeks, we might look forward to the weekend but experience the “Sunday Scaries” come Sunday. ABC reports that 66% of people say they experience the Sunday Scaries, otherwise known as anxiety that comes from anticipating an impending workweek.

To put you in the right mindset to start your week off relaxed, Sunday is the perfect day to dedicate some time to self-care. As the weather warms up this spring, here are some spring-inspired self-care Sunday tips that can help you end the weekend on an encouraging note. Happy self-care Sunday!

1. Meditate

You can start your day off with a short meditation and drift off into sleep using it, too. Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind or focusing on affirmative thoughts. Wherever you are, even outdoors, simply close your eyes and try to focus on your breath. There are also guided meditations with encouraging wisdom and a theme to focus on.

Meditation provides lots of relaxation benefits, including improved emotional well-being and a better sense of calm and balance. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation can also help people manage physical health conditions, including chronic pain, high blood pressure, and tension headaches.

2. Do outdoor yoga or stretching

The only equipment you need to practice yoga is yourself. You can use a yoga mat if you want to go barefoot or lie down, but there are also plenty of standing stretches and positions you can do.

Yoga focuses a lot on posture. Imagine a string pulling up the crown of your head toward the sky. Roll your shoulders down and back. You can raise your arms up to the sky and clasp them overhead for a big stretch. Or clasp your hands behind your back and stretch them upwards. However you stretch, aim for “mindful movement” to reap benefits like increased flexibility, improved circulatory health, and increased muscle strength.

3. Pamper your body

Body care like a warm bath, face mask, or body scrub help you pay more attention to your amazing body and revitalize it to good-as-new condition. These rituals help you create a spa-like atmosphere at your own home. They take a little extra time but can make you feel special and pampered.

Taking care of your skin can help reduce acne and wrinkles and get your skin glowing. Apply some plant-based moisturizer or give yourself a spring color-inspired manicure/pedicure for a special touch that can boost your confidence. You could also book an outdoor spring massage for a special relaxing treat.

4. Walk in nature

Moving your body is an important part of self-care. Exercising in nature provides even more benefits, as outdoor activity can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and lower the risk of cancer.

A simple low-impact walk is all you need to feel the benefits. Try this: ditch the music player, and tune in to the sounds around you. You might discover a new bird call or hear an animal rustling in the leaves. These unexpected brushes with nature expose you to new experiences and can make you more in touch with the natural world.

Create a Sunday fun-day routine

Plan your Sunday so next time, there’s plenty to look forward to. When you dedicate the start of your week to caring for yourself inside and out, that sets you up for a great week ahead.

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