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Save 19 Things to Declutter During a Fall Cleaning

19 Things to Declutter During a Fall Cleaning

A change of seasons is always a good time to reevaluate your stuff. Get organized and streamline your home with this list of 19 things to declutter this fall.

19 Things to Declutter During a Fall Cleaning

The air is crisp, the leaves are starting to change color, and pumpkin spice is making its triumphant return. That can only mean one thing – it's time for a fall clean! While spring cleaning gets all the attention, there's something so satisfying about decluttering and organizing as we transition into a new season. So, grab your favorite cozy sweater, put on some tunes, and let's dive into decluttering your space and your life.

1. Summer wardrobe

Bid adieu to summer shoes and outfits that are worn, don’t fit well, or are outgrown (if you’re decluttering on behalf of your kids too). If you didn't wear them this year, chances are you won't next year either. Clear out your closet to make space for cozy knits and stylish scarves.

2. Beach gear

Fall is the ideal time to sort through your beach and swimming pool gear. Toss old sunscreen, broken swimming goggles, and pool toys. Donate worn beach towels to a pet shelter. If your beach umbrella has seen better days, toss that too.

3. Old tech

Remember that ancient phone charger you keep as a "just in case" backup? Chances are, it's time to let it go. Old tech gadgets and cords clutter up drawers and collect dust. Sell or recycle them responsibly.

4. Expired beauty products

No matter the season, your makeup bag and skincare routine can always do with a spring (or fall) clean. Check expiration dates and toss anything that's seen better days. Create a fresh canvas for your fall beauty looks.

5. Kid's toys

If your little ones have outgrown certain toys, it's the perfect time to declutter their playroom. Donate gently used toys or consider hosting a yard sale to make some extra cash.

6. Souvenirs with no sentimental value

That snow globe from a distant cousin's vacation or the quirky souvenir you bought on a whim? If it doesn't spark joy or hold sentimental value, it's time to free up some shelf space.

7. Cookware you never use

Is that non-stick pan not so non-stick anymore? Streamline your kitchen by getting rid of the cookware that's collecting dust. Also, do a quick check for any broken or rusted items that would be better off in the trash or recycled responsibly.

8. Worn-out sports equipment

Whether it's a deflated basketball or a bike with a flat tire, if you're not using it, it's just taking up space. Let go of the worn-out sports gear and make room for Fall fitness activities.

9. Single socks

The mystery of where the other sock went may never be solved. If you've been holding onto single socks hoping for a miracle, it's time to accept reality and declutter. The same goes for those holey socks!

10. Excess holiday decorations

We all love decking out our homes for Halloween, but do you really need five inflatable pumpkins? Keep your favorite decorations and get rid of the ones that no longer make your heart race with excitement.

11. Forgotten books

It's time to say goodbye to that stack of novels you've been meaning to read for years. If you haven't cracked them open by now, it might be time to pass them along to a new reader.

12. Unused sports jerseys

Let's be real – you're not going to wear that old sports jersey from your college days. Free up space in your closet by parting ways with jerseys and other fan gear that are just collecting dust.

13. Excess glassware

How many wine glasses, martini glasses, and beer glasses do you really need? Keep the ones you love and know you will use. Donate or sell the rest. Your cabinets will thank you.

14. Extra coffee mugs

With hot drinks season coming up, it’s time to do a fall clean of your coffee mug collection. Keep your favorites and get rid of those that never make it out of the cabinet.

15. Unused exercise equipment

That treadmill that doubles as a clothes rack? Or those dumbbells gathering dust in the corner? If you've realized that your exercise equipment isn't getting the use it deserves, consider selling it to someone who will put it to good use. This can not only free up physical space but also provide you with some extra funds.

16. Old magazines and newspapers

Are you holding onto stacks of old magazines or newspapers? While they may have held value at one point, they can quickly contribute to a cluttered living space. Recycle or donate them and make room for fresh reading material or a more streamlined living area.

17. Kitchen appliances

If you have kitchen appliances gathering dust on your countertops or in your cabinets, it's time to assess whether you truly need them. If they're not enhancing your cooking experience or simplifying your daily routine, it might be time to bid them farewell and create more space for the essentials.

18. Unloved decorative items

Take a critical look at your decorative items and consider whether they still align with your style and aesthetic preferences. If you find yourself passing over certain items without a second thought, it's a sign that they no longer hold value for you. Embrace the fall clean by letting go of these items and creating a more intentional and visually pleasing space.

19. Unused craft supplies

Are you holding onto a stash of craft supplies you haven't touched in ages? If your creative endeavors have taken a different direction or if you've simply lost interest, consider passing these supplies along to someone who will put them to good use. 

Freedom from clutter!

With the Fall season approaching, it's the perfect time to embark on a home organization journey. As you clear out the clutter, you might even stumble upon items that could put some extra cash in your pocket. Consider hosting a yard sale, listing items on online marketplaces, or using apps to sell things you no longer need.

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