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Bokashi Composting: A Guide for People Living in Small Spaces

Bokashi composting sounds like it should be intimidating, but this simple fermenting process is easy to master! Grab your bran and your bin and let's dive in!

Bokashi Composting: A Guide for People Living in Small Spaces

Bokashi composting is very different from normal composting. It can be done in a tiny space and is super quick. In fact, it only takes about 2 weeks from start to finish! It's the perfect way to cut down on waste and save when you're low on time.

What is bokashi compost?

Boshahi compost is made using bokashi bran to ferment your kitchen waste. The bran is full of microbes which speed up the process. It's usually made in small batches in a sealed bucket in your kitchen!

What do you need to get started with bokashi composting?

Getting set up for bokashi composting is pretty simple. All you need is a bokashi bin (preferably 2) and bokashi bran. You can get both items online and at most garden centers. 

How do you make bokashi compost?

Start by gathering your food waste and adding it to your bucket. Each time you add food, you'll cover it with a layer of the bran. Once the bucket is full, simply seal it up and leave it to stand for two weeks. Every second day, you'll open the tap at the bottom of the bucket and collect the tea that has formed. This tea can be diluted with water (1:300) and used as excellent plant food!

What can you do with bokashi compost?

After 2 weeks, your bin will be fermented, but you can't use it just yet. The fermented food is still too acidic at this stage! Most people add it to their compost or dig a trench in the garden and bury it.

  • Add it to your compost: Now that the food is already fermented, it'll break down quickly and add all sorts of goodness to your compost. In two to three weeks, it'll be ready to use on your plants!
  • Bury it in a trench: Sounds weird right? Actually, it makes total sense. The buried scraps will continue to break down and enrich your soil with minimal effort! It's an excellent, organic way to improve your soil over time.

What can you add to a bokashi bin?

One of the best things about bokashi composting is that you can add almost all your kitchen waste, including meat, bones, dairy products, and cooked food! You'll want to avoid any moldy foods because they'll introduce the wrong kinds of microbes into your bucket. Not sure if something can go in? Here's a list of foods to use and avoid.

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