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DIY Projects with Pallets

Looking for a new project? These DIY pallet projects might be just what you need. Pallets are easy to work with and free (or almost free) in most places!

DIY Projects with Pallets

Looking for a fun DIY project? Don't want to spend a fortune? Pallets are an ideal option! They're cheap, readily available and there are just so many things you can make with them. Whether you're looking for some new furniture, a garden update, or just a fun project - pallets are a perfect choice!

Pallets aren't made of strong wood, which means that they're going to break down pretty quickly if they're exposed to the elements. Looking for something that'll last outdoors? A plank of treated, hardwood is what you're after. Looking for budget-friendly options? You can't do better than pallets!

Wall cladding: Got a wall that needs updating? This DIY pallet cladding is fun, cheap, and comes together quickly. It looks so pretty and can add a special touch to any room!

DIY Montessori floor bed: Montessori products are so lovely, but they can be pricey to buy! Making your own floor bed costs almost nothing. This project requires a little work. You don't want a toddler's bed to be full of splinters, right? It's totally worth the effort and you'll get an amazing bed almost for free!

Simple DIY pallet shoe rack: Got clutter in your entryway? Tame the mess with some simple pallet shoe racks. They'll keep the shoes off the floor and add order to your space.

Baby or pet gate: Making your own baby/pet gate is a great way to keep everyone safe. The project comes together really quickly and has so much character. What a sweet way to keep your kids out of danger!

DIY pallet shutters: Add a little rustic charm to your house with decorative, barn-inspired shutters. They look so pretty, no one will even know that they're made from pallets!

Lawn dominoes: Make your own giant lawn dominoes from pallet wood. This makes a fun toy for your kids and an ideal gift for someone special. They're also perfect for super amounts of indoor fun during bad weather! This project is simple enough, so get the kids involved and let them help with the process.

DIY pallet planter boxes: Pallets are perfect for making planter boxes. Will they last forever? No. Pallets aren't made of the strongest wood, so anything that stands outside is going to have a limited lifespan. Pallet planter boxes are dirt cheap and quick to pull together, which means they're totally worth it, even if they just last a season or two.

Pallet serving trayPerfect for serving tea or even breakfast in bed! A beautiful pallet tray takes a little effort and skill to get just right, but it's definitely worth putting in the work. You'll end up with something really special. These trays are a great, budget-friendly gifting option.

Pallet sand pit: Pull together an amazing pallet sand pit in just two hours! It's super quick to make and only uses two pallets. Your kids (or grandkids) will be playing a storm in no time at all. If you can get pallets for free, then this project will cost you almost nothing!

DIY pallet sand kitchen: Make a sand kitchen to go along with your sandpit! A pallet sand kitchen is simple (and cheap!) All that imaginative play is so good for little brains and your kids will be delighted to have their very own kitchen! Add a few old odds and ends from around the kitchen and they'll be kept stimulated and entertained for hours on end! 

Garden tool pallet organizer: Keep your shed or garage super neat with a simple pallet tools rack. It is such a simple project that is perfect if you're new to DIY. It'll come together in no time at all! The best part? This simple project costs almost nothing to make!

DIY pallet entryway benchThis project is a little more time-consuming than some of the others. The end result is worth the extra effort though! This entryway bench is beautiful and you'll have space for all your bags, coats, and hats. There's even a spot for shoes! Goodbye clutter - hello order!

Pallet doormat: This quirky project is a fun one to do with kids! Add some fun to your entrance and keep the dirt outside with a simple (and colorful) DIY pallet doormat. It's super easy and quick to pull together - the ideal project for a Saturday afternoon!

Pallet headboardWhen it comes to making a pallet headboard, there are a lot of options to choose from. Pallets create a really versatile base. This pallet headboard keeps it classic and classy without losing the rustic appeal of exposed wood. Perfect for a modern farmhouse feel.

Pallet top deskNeed a new workspace? Something to fill an open spot in your house? This pallet top desk is sturdy and charmingly rustic. The best part? The whole desk can be put together in less than 3 hours! Free furniture? Yes please!

Super easy pallet fence: Looking for a way to keep wildlife from eating your plants? This DIY pallet fence might be the easiest, cheapest option! It really couldn't be simpler! It's pretty heavy on pallets, so make sure you have enough before you start.

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