You might have used lavender flowers before, but have you ever thought of using the leaves? Lavender plants bloom for a short season, but they have leaves for most of the year! Try these great ideas to get the most out of your lavender plants!

Where can I get lavender leaves?

If you have lavender plants, the obvious way to get leaves is to harvest them yourself. The leaves can be used fresh or dry, depending on what projects you have in mind. Don't have your own plants? Ask a neighbor, buy them in bunches from your local florist, or order dried leaves online.

Lavender leaves: Uses and ideas

There are so many uses for lavender leaves! Here are our top 4 picks that are simple, doable, and useful. Lavender is a pretty strong herb and it is full of flavor. If you're trying anything food-related, start with a small amount and gradually add more  you'd be surprised how quickly lavender can overpower a dish.

1. Soak them in vinegar

Steep the leaves in vinegar to make a lavender-scented cleaning product! The vinegar has so many uses around the house and the lavender leaves will make your house smell like spring! 

2. Make a simple syrup

A simple lavender syrup is easy to make. Mix one part sugar (or honey) with one part water, add in your lavender leaves, and then stir over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. The longer you leave the lavender leaves in, the stronger their flavor will be. Delicious added to cocktails, lemonade, and even coffee!

3. Use them in your baking and cooking

Dried lavender leaves can be used in the place of lavender flowers in almost any baking recipe. Fresh or dried lavender plant leaves make a great substitute for rosemary. You can also add some lavender leaves to your Herbs de Provence mix and use it on anything from grilled chicken to roast potatoes!

4. Add them to your bath

Add fresh or dried lavender leaves to your bath for a budget-friendly treat! Their scent releases easily in the warm water, leaving you to soak in the luxury! There's no need to stop at lavender  peppermint, lemon verbena, rosemary, and almost any other herb you can think of are delightful in a bath!

Top tip: Lavender leaves can be hard to clean up once you're done with your bath. Use a tie-top muslin bag to make a bath tea bag and keep clean-up easy!

Give me more ideas like this!

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