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6 Best Apps For Book Lovers

Discover 6 apps for book lovers that are free or cheap. Find audio book apps and free productivity apps that are great for all kinds of book lovers.

6 Best Apps For Book Lovers

Biographies, fiction, romance, fantasy... whatever type of books you love to read, there's an app for that. Whether you love to relax with a good book at the beach or prefer to listen to audiobooks on your lunch break, take your love for reading to the next level with these free and affordable book apps.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a hub for all kinds of book lovers - with over 20 million members, it's an amazing place to find book recommendations in every genre you can imagine. The app is owned by Amazon, so it's a great option if you read on a Kindle. Once you build your Goodreads reading list, you'll be able to track the books you read, rate them, and review them... all in one place. 

2. Libby

Visiting your local library is one of the best ways to save on books - not to mention movie and video rentals, museum passes, and more. But when it comes to reading material, Libby is an app that brings the assortment of your local libraries right into your pocket. Look for e-book and audiobook downloads!

3. Audible

If you're more of an audiobook person, consider getting an Audible subscription. The app, also owned by Amazon, is available on iOS and Android, and is perfect if you spend a lot of time driving or commuting to work. After all, who doesn't love multitasking? You'll score a free 30-day trial when you first sign up, and plans after that start at just $7.95 per month. There are tons of free books on audible, including children's stories and some of the classics!

4. Blinkist

If you can't make the time commitment to reading (or listening to) a full book, Blinkist can be a great option. This app, available on both iOS and Android, is subscription-based at $4.99 per month and has summaries of over 5,000 non-fiction best-sellers. This is a great resource if you're trying to learn something new or increase your professional skills in around 15 minutes per book. There are audio versions of each one, too, so you can listen on your drive to work.

5. Bookly

If you struggle to prioritize reading in your everyday schedule, Bookly can help you set - and achieve - reading goals. In-app achievements will keep you motivated, too.

6. Wattpad

Looking to read something lesser-known? Check out Wattpad, a free app that's filled with literature from all kinds of unknown writers. Many successful authors got their start by publishing their work on Wattpad, so you never know when you'll find a hidden gem on this free app.

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