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Stargazing: Perfect for Family Fun on a Summer's Night

Looking for a fun way to get into nature and bond? Stargazing is a budget-friendly activity that will help you build beautiful memories with your family.

Stargazing: Perfect for Family Fun on a Summer's Night

Stargazing is a fun, wholesome family activity. With some basic knowledge, a few simple supplies, and a good spot, you can have hours of free (or almost free) family fun and bonding. 

How can I find a spot for stargazing near me?

Stargazing is easier if you're far away from light. You can totally stargaze in your backyard, but the lights of your house (and the other houses) will make it harder to see the stars. Look out for an open field or park near your house to set up your star gazing experience. You'll have more space and there'll be less light.

If you can, planning a trip to a wilderness area like a national park will provide an excellent star gazing opportunity. It's not always possible, but if you have the time and finances, you'll be able to see much more without the light of nearby towns and cities.

What equipment will I need?

You need surprisingly little equipment to get started with stargazing. In fact, you don't even need a telescope or stargazing binoculars. There's a lot of exciting stuff you can see with the naked eye. Arming yourself with some knowledge before you leave can help you get the most out of your stargazing experience. Download an app, read up on some constellations you can spot without equipment, and learn about what to look out for in your neck of the woods. 

Stop by your local library to find astronomy books or make use of one of the many free stargazing apps that are available. If you're planning to use an app, it's worth doing some basic prep before you start. Make sure you have an understanding of what the app can do and how it works - You definitely don't want to spend the whole outing struggling with your phone!

How do I turn it into a fun activity? 

A few simple additions can take your stargazing to the next level and ensure it becomes a memorable family outing.

Take blankets. If you're sitting outdoors for a few hours, you'll start to feel a chill. Even the warmest summer evenings can get cold as the night wears on. Plan ahead by taking blankets to sit on and wrap around yourselves as the temperature drops. Apart from keeping you warm, they also help to create a lovely cozy atmosphere. 

Pack some snacks. Stargazing can go on for a while and there might be some (longish) periods that you're just waiting. Snacks will help keep the bellies full and give you something to do while you wait. 

Take a flask of warm tea or hot chocolate. Pack a warm beverage to make it feel extra cozy. Cookies and marshmallows are always a great addition and can make a simple evening feel like a special event.

Give me more family fun ideas!

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