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Save Amazon Prime Day 2022: What to Expect

Amazon Prime Day 2022: What to Expect

Move over Black Friday, because Amazon Prime day is set to drop prices on the Amazon site for just 48 hours, so get prepared and get that credit card ready.

Amazon Prime Day 2022: What to Expect

Amazon Prime day is a goldmine of great deals and incredible savings, but it can be a little overwhelming if you are not used to navigating the Amazon site. Everything from homeware to fashion, gardening to electronics are all included in the sale- so don’t miss out!

According to Amazon, the sale was designed to “offer a volume of deals greater than Black Friday”, and last year alone, sales in the US totaled an impressive $11 billion. 

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Usually held during the summer, Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive sale for Prime subscribers. While there are usually odd sales for non-prime customers, most of the sale is designed to drive customers to Amazon’s subscription service. The sale covers most of the site, dropping prices and with it, driving millions of customers to their website. 

If you’ve never signed up before, consider signing up for your free trial just before the sale starts, as this way, you can test the waters before committing to a subscription plan. You can always cancel the subscription after the sale, but you won’t be able to pull such a stunt again unless you use a different signup method. 

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon knows exactly what they are doing, and they usually publicize the date just a week before. Keeping the date a secret for so long only creates a bigger buzz once people find out. Previous years suggest the date could be somewhere in June, with numerous outlets suggesting it could be Monday, July 18  to Tuesday, July 19.  

What deals can you expect?

While most details are kept completely under wraps, you can guarantee Amazon will drop the price of its own products. Last year, Amazon’s fire stick, usually priced at $49.99, dropped to just $24.99. This was also the most popular purchase of the year, Amazon told T3. They added that the most popular sections were hardware, skincare, devices, spirits, and make-up.

The Echo-branded speakers can also be expected to drop as they did last year, priced at  $24.99. The more powerful system was also reduced to $59.99 from $99.99. 

While Amazon products largely see the biggest discounts and are featured most prominently on the site, there is still a wide array of other options out there. 

On the tech front, 8th generation iPads saw a price deduction of $30 last year, while the Samsung The Frame television saw discounts of $202. 

How to prepare

Preparation is key when it comes to getting the most out of the sale. If you have a specific product in mind, then be sure to bookmark it for quick access. While Amazon’s website will change during the sale, some products can get lost, so having a direct link always helps. 

You may also want to shop around a bit. Most competitors will launch similar deals in the hopes of stealing customers away from Amazon. While these deals will largely match Amazon’s, there may be a few hidden gems that beat the online retailer’s price.

If the sheer size of Prime Day had you bewildered, or you simply missed it altogether, then you can also scoop a deal by checking your Save mailer.