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Spring Activities for Nature Lovers

Spring is a time to get out and remind yourself why it's such a great season! Whether you're cycling or snorkeling, shake off those winter woes.

Spring Activities for Nature Lovers

It's time to shake off the winter chill and head into the freshness of spring with that extra little, uhm, spring in your step. While heading to the beach might seem like the natural option, it's not always necessary to follow the crowds as they descend on spring break favorites like Miami. Instead, let's whip up some spring ideas with the family, and, if you're a lone traveler, great destinations to rest your wandering feet. 

Great spring break ideas with the family

We'll just throw this out there: Hawaii is not only a great destination holiday but also happens to play a big spring break game, with its lush natural retreats and expansive beaches. It's really a win when you hit up a camping spot on one of Hawaii's beaches. Not only do you have access to surfing hotspots, snorkeling, and just a good old laze about the beach, but there are also inland activities that include hiking and biking. Camping on Hawaii's beaches is affordable and safe, which is great for families. 

Exploring the national parks

Nature lovers and camping grounds come together like marshmallows and chocolate on a Graham cracker. The national parks offer some of the best, and cheapest, camping experiences for those who want to be one with nature this spring. While hiking and trail rides are a given at these destinations, also keep an eye out for parks that offer fishing, educational walking tours, and add-ons such as horse riding, bird watching, and swimming facilities. 

Spring break activities for kids

You might not know this, but the local scouts groups in your area might have a holiday plan to keep the kiddos entertained (and learning!) all while taking in the splendor of nature. There are proper camp-like events that run for a few days, or you can sign up your child for a one-day option. If you're unable to take time off for a vacation, but can manage a single day, consider planning a day trip to a local retreat for some fishing, hiking, and biking. Or hit up a local park for a picnic that includes yummy treats and fun family games. 

Spring break activities for tweens 

Entertaining tweens during spring break can be a challenge, especially if you're homebound and all they're interested in is the WiFi password. But instead of allowing that coveted password to become a burr in your favorite spring jacket, use it to make this break a bit more interesting. Take inspiration from escape room games and create your own challenge, with the prize being the password. Jazz this up a little by setting up the challenge in the garden, using what nature provided to help entertain those tweens. This is also useful when you need spring break ideas at home when a trip is off the table. 

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