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Double-Duty Décor: Best All-in-One Furniture

When you live in a small space or need your living space to be a classroom and office, these space-saving furnishings create a more multifunctional space.

Double-Duty Décor: Best All-in-One Furniture

Whether you live in a small apartment in the city, you're planning to downsize, or you want to make your space more multifunctional overall, space-saving furniture saves the day. These multifunctional furniture options make use of the space you have while providing the functionality you need for everything from guest beds to work-from-home office arrangements, dining rooms, and storage.

Add some of these multipurpose furniture ideas to maximize your space.

Space-Saving Desks

In the last couple of years, millions of people started working and learning from home. Having dedicated workspaces lets everyone find a quiet place to learn and work at any time.

  • Secretary's desk 
    A secretary's desk is the perfect addition to a midcentury modern décor scheme. The classic version of the desk looks more like storage space, with cabinets below and a hutch on top. The hutch drops down to create a workspace, then folds when you're not using it. The cabinets and hutch space are ideal for hiding clutter when you're not working or doing schoolwork. You can also find updated versions of this classic furniture piece for a more modern feel.
  • Sideboard
    A sideboard is similar to the secretary's desk, doing double duty as any number of furniture options, including a storage shelf, buffet in your dining room, or a side table in your family room or a bedroom. When you need the desk, pull out the surface, then fold it away when you're done.
  • Wall-mounted floating desk
    Wall-mounted desks are ideal multipurpose furniture for small spaces. They come in various styles and sizes, from desks that fold up to be almost flush against the wall to ones that come with storage drawers and other organizing options.
  • Nesting sofa table and desk
    Sofa tables are a great décor piece, but they can seem like a luxury when you're short on space. Nesting sofa table options provide you with the best of both worlds. These tables include two or more tables that you can use separately, or you can slide the smaller tables under the larger one (to "nest") when you need more space. Some options even include nesting stools that tuck away when you're not using them, then pull out to make a bar or tabletop where you can eat while watching your favorite movie or cheering on your favorite sports team.

Multipurpose Beds

It's great to have a place for guests to sleep when they come. But most people can't reserve a whole bedroom just for a few weeks a year when someone is visiting.

  • Murphy bed
    A Murphy bed (or a wall bed) gives you plenty of options to accommodate guests in a small space. It folds up into a wall cabinet and quickly opens to a full-size bed when not in use. Many also come with options for cabinets or drawer storage on the side.
  • Sofa bed 
    Sofa beds have been around for decades, but if you're scarred by the days of tossing and turning on a thin mattress with a metal bar across your back all night, fear not. Today's sofa beds are fashionable sitting pieces by day and comfy bedding at night.  

Convertible Chair
A convertible chair is a popular take on the sofa bed with a more modern feel. These chairs fold into thirds, with the top third as the backrest and the bottom two folded for a chair seat. Then the three pieces stretch out flat to make a twin-size bed.

Expandable Dining Tables

Gathering around the dining table with friends and family is great, but tables take up a lot of space. Expandable dining tables give you the flexibility to host family and dinner party guests on occasion, then shrink to a manageable size when it's just you or your immediate family members around.

  • Drop-leaf tables 
    Drop-leaf tables come in several varieties, including circular or oval tables where you can drop the sides to create a smaller square or rectangle. Another option for drop-leaf tables is a combination sofa or console table with leaves you can pull up to create a dining space, ideal for tiny spaces.

Family Room Space-Savers

The family room is a gathering place for friends and loved ones, but it can get cramped if you live in a small space. These options help you expand the usable space for a multifunctional room.

  • Lift-top coffee table
    Turn your coffee table into a surface for working or eating with a lift-top convertible table. When you need an extra surface, the top lifts to desk or table height, then easily slides back into place for a decorative piece of furniture.
  • Storage side tables
    Side tables also give you options to add storage space to your family room. Choose tables with shelves, drawers, cabinets, or a space for small cubbies or baskets. Hide things you don't want everyone to see and still get a beautiful place to put lamps and other décor.
  • Shelf floor lamps
    Short on space to fit a table and lamp? How about getting both together? Side tables with lamps or shelves that have a light attached on top are the perfect double-duty piece of furniture.

Storage for Small Spaces

When you have a smaller living space, one of the first things to go is often storage. These creative solutions help you tame the clutter using your already existing space.

  • Under-the-bed storage (with lift)
    Underneath a bed is a great place to keep storage items, but you can't always use the space if you have a bed frame. Add storage totes or plastic containers for seasonal clothes, shoes, accessories, linens, and more. A bed lift makes it easy to move your entire mattress out of the way to access whatever is underneath.
  • Storage ottoman
    Ottomans provide you with a place to kick up your feet and rest, but they take up a lot of space in homes with little room to spare. However, a hollow ottoman provides a convenient storage option where you can keep blankets, toys, gaming controllers, and more.

Don't sacrifice beauty for function

Double-duty décor helps you make the most of a small living space by adding function to your beautiful furnishings. Check out your mailer to get more tips on the everyday home décor and cozy living essentials you love.