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Save 10 Creative Ways To Save Money When Shopping for Holiday Gifts

10 Creative Ways To Save Money When Shopping for Holiday Gifts

Make room for everyone on your Nice List! From DIY holiday gifts to clever spending hacks, have a look at these ten saving tips for holiday gift shopping.

10 Creative Ways To Save Money When Shopping for Holiday Gifts

Are you looking to make room in your budget for all the holiday festivities, outings, gifts, and delicious feasts? We certainly are!  Let's get frugal and festive. You might not think those two words go together, but we're making it happen! Check out these tips for saving money this holiday.

10 hacks to save money on holiday gifts

1. DIY holiday gifts

Flex your creativity with some homemade holiday gifts. Making or baking DIY presents for your loved ones can save you dollars so that you can give to more people in your life. Rather than cutting your gift list short, make some presents yourself so everyone can get a little something from you. 

Try some of these fun ideas:

  • Make candles in bulk, add a Christmas scent to make it more festive
  • Bottle homemade family recipes — biscuits, preserves, bread, cookies, roasted nuts, or peanut brittle 
  • Hop on the polymer clay jewelry trend by shaping clay into baubles. Bake your creations and add an earring hook. 
  • Prepare hot chocolate kits in a mason jar with marshmallows. Add a mini bottle of cream liquor for a boozy kick. 
  • Mix up some pampering paraphernalia. Think coffee scrubs or DIY bath bombs for anyone looking to unwind.

2. Peddle old stuff for a pretty penny

Do you have some gear in your garage nobody's using? Selling a few items before the holiday season clears those overflowing toy bins and pads the giving fund. It's a win-win situation. Host a yard sale or sell things online. While you're at it, enlist the kids to go through their old toys and clothing to see what they've outgrown and no longer play with.

3. Plan ahead for holiday sale days!

By hopping on special saving days all year round, you can spend less than if you shopped at the last minute. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to shop for tech deals. Look out for end-of-season sales too. As stores look to get rid of inventory, you can save big bucks by hopping online or in-store to see what's available. Make sure you hide your early purchases from curious family members.

4. Be a strategic spender

Use a budgeting app that helps you to log and track your spending and saving. When you're caught up in the seasonal shopping spree, your budgeting app can do the math for you, tipping you off to when you can splurge or when you need to reign it in. 

Budgeting apps let you manage multiple accounts by linking your bank and investment accounts for precise monitoring. When it comes to spending or saving as a family, some apps display financial views for multiple family members so you can keep each other on budget.

5. Upcycle thrift treasures

Don't you love a good deal? We do! And what better place to find them than thrift and secondhand stores. You can upcycle something old and give it new life as a gift. An old picture frame can get a fresh lick of paint. Repurpose old jars as vases, or sand and paint a piece of furniture. Doing this is kind to the environment and saves you cash.

  1. Plan your spending year-round

How you buy can also free up cash for buying gifts at the end of the year. Spend smart and earn credit for holiday gifts with 0% or cashback credit cards, and other credit-boosting plans. Many cashback cards require no annual fee (yay!). Choose a reward structure that works with your frequent purchases, whether it's dining, travel, or grocery-related. 

7. Prioritize your gift list

There's room for everyone on the Nice List! But there might not be room in your budget to shop for every neighbor, colleague, and cousin. By categorizing your gift list into priority purchases, you can shop for your "essential" family and friends first, then go on to buying or making gifts for others who might delight in getting a surprise little something. 

  1. Play holiday gift games

Chances are, you're not the only one looking to curb spending on holiday gifts. Get everyone smiling by setting up a gift exchange game instead of giving tons of individual presents. Exchange games are fun, festive, and save everyone cash. You can also discuss a $ limit per gift to ensure that everyone spends fairly. 

  1. Open a savings account

Opening a savings account for holiday gifts is a great habit you can start any time of the year. By designating a high-yield savings account, you can experience the joy of giving without worrying about how much cash is left for regular monthly expenses. To stick to the plan, set up an automatic monthly deposit. By the time November and December roll around, you'll have enough saved up for every little elf in your life. If you have extra, put a gift under the tree for yourself! You deserve it!

10. Let coupons and deals be your North Star

Not sure what to get someone? Beyond saving money, online deals and coupons can inspire unexpected gift ideas. We can't tell you how many of our holidays have been saved by serendipity. Browse what's on sale for ideas, from bestselling books to cool kitchen gadgets. It's a great way to get bigger-ticket items for less, too, like jewelry, appliances, or that gorgeous cashmere throw you've been eying all year. Saving money and giving something extra special? Now that's a great reason to smile.