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Cute Ways to Decorate your Home for Fall

Need some fall fun around your house? Get autumn inspiration for adding color, texture, and more for cozy fall feel — and all in budget-friendly ways!

Cute Ways to Decorate your Home for Fall

The wind is crisp, and the smell of spices and fresh, fallen leaves fills the air. The shifting colors of foliage are all around us. And as those temperatures begin to drop from the scorching summer heat, you know all of these great senses are a sign that fall is among us. 

With the fun holiday seasons around the corner, it's a great time to spruce up your home so that guests can enjoy the festivities with you. Fall is here, and it has so much more to offer than pumpkin spice, apple picking, and photoshoots (although we love these!). 

Let's dive into 9 fresh new ways to liven your home for this festive season and kick-start your fall without breaking the bank.

Create the yard your neighbors will adore

Want a porch or front yard that your friends, family, and neighbors will adore? Fill your porch and yard with fall decor like hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, mums, and corn wreaths. This is a great way to welcome your guests and neighbors with the joy of the season. For an extra touch, consider adding simple wooden frames and dried wreaths to mini pumpkins for an autumnal garden that your guests and neighbors will love without putting too much strain on your budget. 

Focus on fall colors and textures

Is there such a thing as decorator's block? No worries. Try choosing flowers in autumn colors such as burgundy red, dark, orange, rich greens, and hints of gold. Then, decorate with other fall-inspired add ons that match the warm color scheme. Arrange them together in colorful clusters for a front stoop that is certain to add style to your fall. 

Inside, we love a touch of flannel and buffalo check, which can be integrated into decorations with throws, blankets, pillows, and mini rugs. If traditional reds and oranges don't match the décor, opt for blurred textures and neutral hues, or add blankets with graphic prints and dark neutrals. These two can be chosen to go great with a room, adding a touch of autumn decor to any home.

Let your fall sparkle

Glitter is always in season, and lucky for you, glittering pumpkin table decorations are a simple way to give your autumn an extra shine. Pick up some glitter spray paint and let loose on pumpkins of any size or color, and let dry. Fill a tall vase or extra-large sniffer with a variety of colorful miniature pumpkins. Vary the size and color of the pumpkin to fill the gaps left by the pumpkin to create a stunning centerpiece on a budget. 

For an added punch, reuse vintage bowls from around the house and fill them with acorns, cinnamon sticks, or pinecones. You can also use empty glasses, milk bottles, and leaves to provide fantastic accent decoration ideas. Adding a fun, plaid bow can make these even better!

Make your living room cozy for fall nights

Buy inexpensive pillows and throws to make your living room or bedroom comfy and cozy for the fall season. Even better? Repurpose some old pillows and create makeshift pillow shams out of seasonal scarves and shawls. And if you're extra crafty, try upcycling old sweaters into throw pillows, stuffed pumpkins, or anything else you can dream of. They'll add that cozy touch to any room while staying under your fall decorating budget. 

Keep it simple with some country flair

Collect some mason jars and fill them with candles or twinkle lights for a warm glow on a crisp fall night. For a little extra country fall texture, nestle them in strips of burlap or tie ribbons in fall colors around the jars. Or, for a treat your guests will love, add seasonal delicacies such as candy corn, mini mallow pumpkins, and other festive candies. These are delightful decoration ideas for autumn and fun snacks for your guests. Plus, that country mason jar look is just too cute to pass up. 

Find practical decor for every room

Fall decor doesn't have to be something you only look at. What if you could use it too? Look for decorative towels for your bathroom and kitchen to add practicality to festive fall decor. Add warm hues and soft textures in every room to give your space an even homier feeling. In the living room, add some weathered wood coasters. Lastly, stock up your kitchen with vibrant fall veggies that serve double-duty as both dinner and decor.

Find fresh fall flowers

April showers might bring May flowers, but October brings chrysanthemums, dahlias, and pansies, just to name a few. Replace your summer flowers, whether in flower beds or vases around your home, with hardy fall blooms that set an autumn mood. 

A little pro tip? Fall flowers are a great gift for a friend or hostess in this season. 

Raid your closets for DIY decor

If you have tiered cake plates, arrange pumpkins, pinecones, or even acorns if you like on each of the tiers. Place one pumpkin on top of the other on the top level to complete your festive piece. Use pie squash or turban squash for a festive look in different colors. And if you're extra crafty, add touches of glittery leaves to give your creation some pizzaz.

Make some fall mantel magic 

Have a fireplace that you're never sure what to do with? Make your mantel the star of the festivities with fabulous autumn garland, pinecones, and mini pumpkins. Stringed leaves on yarn or thread to make colorful garlands. You can even involve kids or friends to help you round up the leaves so you can use them to make a fun DIY. And involving your loved ones will make the season feel even more unique, reminiscing with your special projects.

These fall home decorations are sure to bring a little cheer to this colorful season. With a bit of ingenuity, you can create a fantastic fall home without coming across as cheap. 

Autumn is a long season, but you can get your best decoration buck from September beginning to Novembers end with our great tips on a dime. Make a day out of visiting a local pumpkin farm, and bring home a handful of souvenirs to inspire you with some of these great projects.  

Elegant decorations don't have to be expensive and can really help your creative mind. After implementing our tips and tricks this fall season, all you'll need to add are friends, family, and loads of great memories!