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Save Your Guide to the Best Time to Buy Everything

Your Guide to the Best Time to Buy Everything

Save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping when items are at their lowest prices. We'll tell you the best time to buy clothes, computers, and cars.

Your Guide to the Best Time to Buy Everything

Did you know you can save hundreds on appliances or get your next home for thousands less just by buying it at the optimal time? It's true!

We've found the best times to buy all the things you need and more!

Best time to buy clothes: end of the season

Clothing has the most variability since some states carry shorts and swimwear all year long. But in areas where Mother Nature clearly defines her four seasons, stores are clearing out the old about halfway through the season. In many states, you can get swimsuits half-off in July and even cheaper the closer you get to September. Expect sweaters, jackets, and boots to drop to clearance prices around late January. 

Best time to buy furniture: February and August 

Stores generally get new inventory twice a year, so they offer massive discounts the month prior to stocking up in order to clear space on the showroom floor.  

Best time to buy appliances: November, December, and April

To make room for next year's new models, appliance stores use Black Friday as a way to get dishwashers and dryers out the door. Look for discounts in spring, too, since stores know that many people have extra cash from their tax refunds and offer enticing discounts. 

Best time to buy mattresses: holiday weekends 

President's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are all popular weekends for mattress sales. You'll find discounts from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, too. 

Best time to buy televisions and small electronics: November, December, and August

Televisions and stereo equipment are often on sale from Black Friday through January. Take advantage of these timely savings so you can watch the Super Bowl on your new big screen!  In August, you can get computers, printers, and gaming systems at a discount during back-to-school sales.  

Best time to buy cars: December and September 

Wait until December if you can, since the salespeople are working hard to meet their monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals. There's lots of room to negotiate, especially on the current year's models, which will soon be outdated. September marks the end of quarter three, so you can get a great deal at that time, too. 

Best time to buy houses: March, August, and December 

March is best for having lots of options as sellers want their house listed early, so there's plenty of time to show it and arrange the sale, before summer. By August and December, sellers are more willing to accept a lower offer, especially if they're relocating for work or have kids who need to change schools. 

By timing your important purchases to align with when items are at their lowest price, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. And who doesn't love having extra money in their bank account?