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Smile Worthy Beauty Hacks

Busy mornings can make getting ready a tight squeeze. But these beauty hacks make it so much easier that you’ll be out the door with a smile on your face in no time. They'll save you some green, too!

Smile Worthy Beauty Hacks

There’s a reason why beauty hacks are all the rage. They're the secret to sleeping in on those busy weekday mornings! Psst: Some of these hacks save you money, too. Get ready to do a little happy dance with some of our favorite ingenious tricks. 

1. Eyeshadow ... but not on your eyes

Got unused eyeshadow samples in a drawer, or a palette with a few shades you rarely touch? Save some money and put a smile on your face with these surprising ways to put neglected shades to work! If you’ve got a shade in the same color family as your hair, skip the pricey brow pomades and use it to fill in your brows. Wearing your hair in a part? Try dusting a shade to match your hair along your part line—it’ll make your hair look much fuller! 

Use shadows as a liner along your bottom eyelid, and if your palette has sheer sparkly shades, try them as a cheekbone highlight when you want to go glam! 

2. Fix your favorite mascara.

Got a favorite mascara that went clumpy? We've all been there at the mirror picking out globs! Here’s a quick fix: Put a few drops of saline solution in the tube to rehydrate your mascara. But if the tube is older than three months, toss it. Past-its-prime mascaras can be a hive for bacteria that causes eye infections.

3. Draw wings sharp enough to cut!

This hack will make your morning — and your winged eyeliner nice and sharp! Grab a spoon (preferably not the one from your cereal). Start with the spoon’s handle. Place it along your lower lash line and use it as a straight edge while you use eyeliner to draw a line from the edge of your upper lashes toward your browbone. Then flip the spoon around and use the rounded part to draw the wing’s upper curve. So simple—you’ll be done and out the door in seconds!

4. Speaking of spoons…

Here’s another neat trick. Tired of getting mascara where it’s not supposed to go? Once your wing is looking fierce, use a spoon to cover your upper and lower eyelids as you apply your mascara. Enjoy mess-free lashes every time!

5. You need white eyeliner

White eyeliner might seem like it has limited uses. But these two tips might make it your new favorite essential. If you live for bright, saturated eyeshadow colors, put down white eyeliner before applying the color. This will really make the color pop! While you’re at it, white eyeliner can be used as a brow highlight. Dot it around your browbone and smudge it with a sponge to create a smooth, subtle highlight.

6. Insta-glow and go!

Woke up late and no time to get glam? For a quick fix, try mixing a drop of liquid cheek highlighter into your favorite moisturizer. Smooth it over your face for an instantly fresh and glowy look.