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Disconnect: 4 Ways to Entertain Yourself Without Screens

We love our screens, but our brains (and eyes) need a break sometimes! Here are some our favorite, affordable screen-free activities you can do at home.

Disconnect: 4 Ways to Entertain Yourself Without Screens

Phones, computers, TV, Zoom calls — screens make our lives so much easier (and fun). But it's important for your health and mental wellbeing to take a break sometimes. How can you entertain yourself without technology, you ask? Turns out, it’s easy—you just need a few ideas to get you started!

1. Get lost!

One of the best ways to detach from screens is to go outside and get lost. Maybe not literally, but go for a walk and see where it takes you. It could be around the block, or maybe you’ll find a new passion for spending hours exploring all the trails at your local park or nature area. Either way, the fresh air, exercise, and natural, non-flickering sights will do you good.

2. Get lost … in a book

Instagram is great for hours of vicarious scrolling. But you can create even more vivid images in your mind with a good book that transports you far and wide. Browse bestsellers at your local bookstore, check out new ebooks online, or go to the library for the next great read. If you're pressed for time, try an audiobook! They instantly turn dishwashing and laundry into storytime. Whether nonfiction, fantasy, or a beachy page-turner, the important part is to find something you love. You know a book is right for you when you find yourself tuning out the world around you.

3. Take up a new hobby

Sudoku and Solitaire will always be there. Try something new with your spare time! If you have paint laying around, get a canvas and try your hand at drip painting. Start a journal, learn to bake bread, sculpt a bowl, or solve a puzzle. Got kids? Pull out crafts that get them involved, too. Things like clay, sewing, paint-by-number, and making simple jewelry are great ways to keep the whole family engaged for hours.

4. Make a bucket list and start checking things off!

For the ultimate screen-free activities, write down all the things you’d like to do — which could be anything from chores and home improvement projects to activities you want to try or places you want to go. Don’t hesitate to let that list get long, either. The longer the list, the more options for when you need to take a break from technology. For bursts of screen-free time, start small and do what feels most soothing and doable, whether it’s organizing a closet, potting some plants, meditating, or yoga.