Thu, Aug 1, 2013 – by Janice Biniok

Indoor Cat Gardens

Experts agree that the safest place for your cat is indoors, but that doesn’t mean your cat can’t ever have a chance to walk in the grass or roll in sweet-smelling flora. You can give him his own indoor kitty garden!

Cats love plants, whether the plants are indoors or outdoors. Unfortunately, they love plants whether the plants are safe or toxic, too. So you should always check with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center to learn which plants could be dangerous to your pet.

"Herb gardens are wonderful for cats," recommends Gina Spadafori, syndicated pet care columnist and author. "They like to rub on them, roll on them, and nibble on them." Basil, rosemary and parsley are good choices. Cats are also drawn to catnip and valerian, both of which can provide hallucinatory effects.

"Some cats will rip catnip out by the roots, so you want to grow it where the cat can’t get at it, and then use clippings on scratching posts and toys. You can also dry it and keep it in a container for future use."

Don’t have much of a green thumb? "Grasses like wheat and rye are the easiest to grow," advises Spadafori. "Plant them in shallow, low planters. Cats particularly love the tender shoots and may lose interest when the plants mature, so start two or three planters so your cat will always have a fresh supply of shoots to nibble on."

All this sound like too much work? The easiest way to give your kitty a living room lawn is to stop in at your local pet supply outlet or grocery store. It’s quite common to find "pet grass" at pet stores and "people grass" in the organic section of the supermarket. "Wheat grass for people is just as good for cats!" exclaims Spadafori.

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