Post – by Jessica Reinhart

We Love Salad Spinners!

Plus 4 Other Actually Useful Kitchen Gadgets Under $25

Every kitchen has a spatula, peeler, scraper and serving spoon. But we’ve found a handful of great gadgets that solve common kitchen dilemmas. Whether you consider yourself a chef at heart, or you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible your life will be changed for the better with each of these handy dandy tools.

Kitchen dilemma: Leftovers past their prime
Solution: The Days Ago Digital Day Counter ($10/2pack). Don’t let leftovers and other opened foods go to waste! The Days Ago Digital Day Counter keeps track of the number of days something’s been open so you don’t have to. This versatile gadget comes with magnetic, suction or banded backing - so it will adhere to almost any surface.

Kitchen dilemma: Unsightly avocado slices
Solution: The Avocado Pitter & Slicer ($15.95). If you consider yourself a fan of the avocado then this is the tool for you. You’ll be able to perfectly pit and slice ripe avocados every time with this handy tool.

Kitchen dilemma: Chopped lettuce turns brown when cut with a metal knife
Solution: The Zyliss Fresh Cut Salad Knife ($3.99). The serrated plastic blade will prevent lettuce from turning brown.

Kitchen dilemma: Soggy salad
Solution: The Salad Spinner ($24.99). Wash and dry lettuce, berries, herbs and other fruits and veggies with this easy to use salad spinner by OXO.

Kitchen dilemma: Straining cans is a drain
Solution:Can Strainer ($4.25). Strain fruit, vegetable and tuna cans with ease (and without the mess) with this unique little tool from the Pampered Chef.

Kitchen dilemma: Leftover wine gone bad
Solution:Wine Saver ($13.99). Waste not, want not! Preserve opened bottles of wine for up to 14 days with this ingenious wine saver. Simply cork the bottle with a special cap and remove air with accompanying pump.

Kitchen dilemma: Sloppy scoops
Solution: The Ice Cream Scoop & Stack ($16). Create perfectly cylindrical-shaped scoops of ice cream for the perfect accompaniment to decadent desserts, or stack them in your favorite type of ice cream cone.