Wed, May 2, 2012 – by Kate Martel

The New Nude Nail: 3 Ways!

We know—keeping track of trends can seem like a daunting task, but thankfully there is one affordable (think two bucks to start!) and effortless way to stay on top of style. Coat your nails in one of the most coveted shades of the season.

This summer the colors making the most noise are muted shades of peach, pink, brown and beige—subtle and feminine, yet powerful enough to cover both fingers and toes for the hot summer months. So before you hit the beach, check out these soft and sandy shades that will leave you perfectly polished from head to toe.

Pretty In Pink
Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean the polish on your pointers have to follow the trend. When choosing the perfect pink polish, keep the colors cool. We love barely-there pinks for fingers, and polish a shade or two darker for your toes. Kiss The Bride by Orly, looks lovely on fingernails, while Bohemia by NARS adds just the right touch or twinkle to your toes.

Perfectly Peach
This must-have shade for the summer was first seen on the lips of celebrities like Eva Mendes, but has made its way into the top nail polish shades of the season. But the color to coat on your nails shouldn’t be as bold as the shade that’s lacquered to your lips. For the most pleasant peach, our vote goes to the very affordable Peach Cream polish by Milani (only $3!).

Barely There Brown and Beige
Consisting of colors pulled straight from the beach, barely there shades of brown and beige make for the most elegant nails of the season. Let your nails go nude in pale hues that create the cleanest look possible. Pretty Beige by Givenchy is a sophisticated shade to sport on your fingers, while a deeper burst of sandy brown like Chiffon by Boots No.7 looks fabulous on feet.

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