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SaveRecipes & Dining Cozy Up With These 15 Delicious Fall Instant Pot Recipes!

Cozy Up With These 15 Delicious Fall Instant Pot Recipes!

There's only one thing more comforting than a steaming bowl of delicious seasonal food: knowing those fall instant pot recipes are affordable and quick to make.

Cozy Up With These 15 Delicious Fall Instant Pot Recipes!

With the temperatures finally cooling down, now is the time to pull out the fall decorations and try new comforting recipes. And since you have an Instant Pot, whipping up a delicious weeknight meal takes no time at all. Bookmark these 15 fall instant pot recipes for the next time you need to come up with a better-than-takeout meal plan — they're easy to make and use easy-to-find seasonal ingredients.

1. Creamy squash and carrot soup

Squash and carrots are the stars of the fall season, so why not combine them in a soup? Chop up these two ingredients, an onion and a few cloves of garlic, and cover with vegetable or chicken stock. Pressure cook for 40 minutes and blend when it's done. The soup will be creamy as is, but you can always add a few tablespoons of heavy cream to get it to the right consistency.

2. Cauliflower cheddar soup

We're putting a spin on a classic and suggesting you make cauliflower cheddar soup. Start by pressure-cooking the onion and cauliflower in the chicken stock, then add the cream and cheddar cheese. Blend until smooth and it's done! Optionally, top with fried bacon, croutons, or shredded cheddar.

3. Tomato parmesan soup

Although peak tomato season is in the summer, you can still find juicy tomatoes at farmer's markets and grocery stores. They make a better-than-canned soup using the pressure-cooking setting on your instant pot — and it's a great recipe to sneak in some extra seasonal veggies, like carrots, without it being obvious. Oh, and don't forget the rich parmesan!

4. Wild rice and mushroom soup

Wild rice is notorious for being slow to cook, but not in an Instant Pot. This creamy soup comes together in 30 minutes and it's the perfect opportunity to incorporate some seasonal cold-hardy veggies like kale and spinach into your diet.

5. Fall harvest beef stew

Potatoes, leeks, and carrots are in season in the fall, so this rich beef stew lets them shine. You start by browning the beef, then adding seasonings, your veggies, and stock and pressure-cooking for 35 minutes. This recipe is a one-pot stick-to-your-ribs wonder.

6. Sausage and white bean stew 

One-pot Instant Pot fall recipes make for great weeknight dinners. And the best part? The ingredients won't break the bank. If you want to up the nutritional value of the recipe, feel free to add kale or cabbage, both delicious and seasonal.

7. Chicken pot pie bowl

Fall is the perfect time for seasonal bowl recipes. And this chicken pot pie bowl is warming and comforting all the way through. It's just like a pie, except it's crustless. Serve it with bread and butter and enjoy!

8. Hearty fall chili

Ground beef works as the main protein for this recipe, but it can be easily replaced with plant-based mock meats or by adding more beans. Either way, this hearty chili is peak comfort food and freezes great, if you're meal-prepping.

9. Butternut squash fettucini alfredo

Once again, we have a recipe that lets squash get the spotlight. Add it cubed to this creamy pasta or go one step further and blend it into the sauce before adding the noodles.

10. Cranberry apple wild rice

You'll have to bring this side dish to a fall party table at least once. It's packed with autumnal flavors — the sweetness from the apples, tartness from the cranberries, and crunchiness from the pecans. And if you crumble goat cheese on top, it'll be one of the best fall Instant Pot recipes you'll make.

11. Buttermilk, leek, and rosemary mashed potatoes

Leek and rosemary bring aromatic flavors to rich buttermilk mashed potatoes, so add them to the pot while cooking the potatoes. And of course, the buttermilk, sour cream, and butter add the richness we all crave.

12. Maple-glazed carrots

Since carrots are in season, this is a great side dish to whip up quickly. It's sticky sweet and savory at the same time. And the thyme adds a lovely complex fragrance to the dish. Plus, it's a simple recipe to make: pressure-cook the carrots in water mixed with seasonings and maple syrup.

13. Chocolate chip and pumpkin cake

Did you know your Instant Pot can "bake" a cake? You won't get the same results you would in an oven, but this chocolate chip and pumpkin cake is worth giving this unique cooking method a try. It's dense and chewy, bursting with fall flavors, and makes for a great breakfast or pick-me-up snack in the middle of the day.

14. Pumpkin spice and apple butter

Apple butter is a fall staple, but what about pumpkin-spiced apple butter? You can either use store-bought pumpkin spice or make your own using cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. Then, with the help of your Instant Pot, you'll get a lovely spread for toast and oatmeal.

15. Pumpkin pie oatmeal

One of our favorite easy fall Instant Pot recipes has to be this oatmeal: perfectly spiced, pumpkin-flavored, and oh-so-sweet. Simply pressure-cook steel-cut oats with water, milk, canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice, a dash of salt, and brown sugar to taste. Make it in the morning and devour it all or make a large batch and refrigerate small portions so you'll never skip breakfast again.

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