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Learning Tower for Your Toddler

Children are very interested in what we are doing. With the toddler learning tower, you can safely elevate them to a height where they can watch, learn, & play.

Learning Tower for Your Toddler

A Montessori learning tower, or kitchen helper, is a secure platform designed to raise your toddler to counter height so that they may safely engage with you and their surroundings. This super parenting hack is a great way to involve your children in food preparation and other household tasks.

Benefits of a toddler learning tower

There are numerous benefits to the learning tower for toddlers. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting one.

1. Safety first

Toddlers can easily fall from a stool or chair. A toddler learning tower has a wide base with four legs. It is built for stability and steadiness, making it a much safer option for elevating your children to counter height. Most kitchen helpers also come with a wooden bar that you can place behind your child to prevent them from falling out.

2. Quality time

In the learning tower, your child can help you with dinner preparations or drying the dishes. This is a great way to spend productive, meaningful, quality time together. You get to carry on with your chores, they get to learn from you, and you get to hang out together. Win-win-win!

3. Inclusivity

Letting your little one help or watch you from their learning tower helps them to feel included. This is great for self-esteem and entrenching a sense of belonging.

4. Teach independence

The Montessori-inspired toddler tower encourages your child’s instinct to do things independently. Most learning towers are designed to allow children to get in and out of them on their own. In their learning tower, your toddler can explore their toys, engage with food preparation, and even come to terms with their personal hygiene. This helps with the development of fine motor and gross motor skills. It also builds confidence and self-esteem.

5. Expand food vocabulary

It is a natural instinct to be wary of trying new foods. Repeated exposure to different foods can help to lessen a child’s reluctance to try new foods. The more your little one gets to see, touch, and play with various ingredients while helping you with meal preparation, the greater the likelihood they will be less fearful of these foods when they appear on their plate at dinnertime.

Learning tower for toddlers: Where to buy

There is so much parenting advice out there. It can be overwhelming to decide which gadgets you should invest in and which you should skip. A kitchen helper is a big investment, but it is a learning tool with heaps of benefits. Shop online for different toddler learning towers, making sure to select one that suits your needs. 

Montessori learning towers are sturdily built, save money by looking out for a second-hand one. Another money-saving tip is to make a DIY learning tower. You will easily find learning tower dimensions online. Alternatively, make your own toddler learning tower from an IKEA Bekvam utility stool.

Parenting tips and hacks to help you save

The learning tower is a helpful parenting tool — helping you to get chores done while engaging your little one constructively. If you love parenting hacks like this DIY fluffy slime recipe and saving money on everyday essentials, check out your weekly Save mailer.