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Stay Trendy Without Breaking the Bank

Save money while staying on-trend. Use these 5 budget-friendly fashion tips to keep your closet looking fresh and your wallet happy.

Stay Trendy Without Breaking the Bank

It seems like every season brings new hot fashion trends. Polka dots, neutrals, florals ... What’s in is constantly changing — that's part of the fun of fashion!

Savvy deal seekers know you can keep closets current and your wallet full. Use these five budget-friendly fashion tips to keep-up with the latest style trends and still save some dough. 

1. Thrift Away

Find your newest fashion crushes (and make your old threads someone else’s treasure) by embracing the secondhand lifestyle. Online marketplaces like thredUP and Swap Society help fashionistas sell or swap what’s no longer lighting their fashion fire and pick up gently used clothes for a new in style. 

If you're thinking about buying from a secondhand store, bring a few items of your own to sell and save even more. When you sell clothes in a secondhand shop online or in person, you can typically get more value by using what you made from the sale toward purchases there, too.

Another upside to thrifting? When you swap instead of shop, you’re helping the environment. It's far more sustainable to get threads secondhand compared to manufacturing, selling, and shipping new clothes. That's a trend we can all get behind. 

2. Scroll to Save

Social media sites like Instagram are a great place to find deals on fashion. Many style influencers partner with retailers. When they wear a certain brand’s clothing or accessories in their content, they’ll also share a code so their followers can get the item at a discount.

Not sure who to follow? Start by visiting your favorite retailer’s website. Look for social media feeds or influencer links. From there, you can curate a list of influencers to check out when you’re in the mood for a new closet addition.

3. Throw a Swap Party

Get your friends together for some free retail therapy with an at-home closet swap. Enlist your pals to bring clothes they'd like to exchange. Serve some snacks and have a party as you trade clothes in person.

Since fashion trends tend to be cyclical, older items you get in a swap are bound to come back in fashion. If you love one of your friend’s outfits, go for it. You can pair it with a current accessory to make it seem more on-trend, or bring it back out of your closet when it's en vogue again.

4. Score Email Deals

To stay competitive, many fashion retailers offer their most loyal customers exclusive discounts or rewards points to keep coming back. That's good for you! 

If you fall in love with a certain brand’s item, first check to see if there’s a company loyalty program you can join. You may be able to get an instant 20% off just for signing up for free with an email address. 

5. Shop the Outlets

Outlet stores typically sell high-quality fashions at lower prices than their retail versions. How?

Sometimes outlet stores get retail overstock. They might also feature more expensive brands whose seasonal offerings are no longer sold at a retail store.

You might have to travel a bit farther to get to them, but you can reap significant savings on the fashions at outlet stores. If you’re interested in a designer brand, trek to an outlet before heading to the mall.