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Stay Organized During Back-to-School

Does back to school time have you running around? Learn how to get organized, while keeping the expenses down.

Stay Organized During Back-to-School

 It’s back to school time again! After the year we've had, does your inner Martha Stewart need a little dusting off? We're here to help! It's all about advance planning that's easy and, dare we say ... even a little fun? Use these no-fuss tips to keep your family organized all year long.

Consolidate school supply lists

If you have more than one child, it can be dizzying to keep track of multiple must-have lists. Especially when there's overlap (Wait, you both need protractors?). Consolidate your lists before you shop to avoid over-buying or having to double back. 

Make a new list that groups similar items from all school supply lists together. Find pens, pencils, folders, and notebooks in the same section, so you only make one trip! While you're at it, include things they might need for hobbies and after-school activities on the same master list. When that rainy day comes, you're ready with the good stuff! 

Put your planner to work

Student orientation. Back-to-school night. Vaccinations. Sports physicals. Dental appointments. Our minds are playing ping-pong! The back-to-school calendar is packed with appointments, which are likely to be different for each child. Organize your time with a digital or physical planner. As you learn about each new appointment, jot it down immediately or schedule it on your phone. Trust us, it'll save you many a double booking!

Create strategic "themed" spaces

Boots, book bags, and random papers pile up fast (and onto those keys you need right now!). Set everyone up for success by creating places for different loose items to live. Designate an area in the hallway or mudroom for backpacks, jackets, and lunchboxes. Set aside a “Completed Assignments” bin for each kid’s finished and graded work, then another for "To Do." Turn two small tool chests or makeup organizers into school supply holders with glue sticks, scissors, and other high-use items. Put one in your child’s homework zone and one in your car.

Speaking of cars, add a small organizer filled with hand sanitizer, water bottles, baby wipes, and other mess-prevention and cleanup. If your kids play sports, put an equipment organizer in the trunk.

Don’t forget about school lunches. If your kids bring lunch to school, put some emergency money in their cafeteria accounts for those days they forget. Then stock the pantry with mix and match individually packed snacks, so kids can choose their own sides each day and you can focus on the main lunch course.

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