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Fun, Energy-Boosting Workouts You’ll Love

Think you can't get up the energy to exercise after work? Think again! These fun fitness ideas feel more like you're going out than working out! They’ll give you a great kick of energy, too.

Fun, Energy-Boosting Workouts You’ll Love

After a long day at work, it might be tough to get inspired to head to the gym (that TV is so tempting!). But — hear us out —what if working out was fun? What if you had a go-to routine that not only boosts your energy but fills you with joy? They do exist! Here are a few of our favorites. 

1. Party ... at spin class?

There's a new trend branching off from spin: cycle party group classes. It’s like the ultimate dance party meets the cardio kick that you get from cycling, powered by high-octane music. So go on and get that cardio in like it's Friday night.

2. Empower yourself with kickboxing

Exhilaration delivers a natural high, and that's the power kickboxing delivers. Yes, this action-packed workout teaches you kicks and punches, but best of all, it’s a full-body burn. Kickboxing builds strength, aerobic power, flexibility, speed, and agility — all while leaving you feeling fierce.

3. Capture the Carnival vibe!

If you like to dance, you’ve got to try a Caribbean dance workout. You can take classes in person or hit up YouTube for instructional videos you can follow on your own. Either way, this funky, free-flowing cardio workout tests flexibility and balance all while leaving you feeling like you’re dancing on your own private island. This isn’t slow dancing! Most Caribbean dance workouts are high-energy moves set to the infectious trumpets and steel drum beats that Caribbean carnival music is famous for.

4. Become a real-life Indiana Jones

Want to turn your daily walk into an adventure? Go geocaching, instead! What’s a geocache, you ask? They’re basically small treasures that others have left for you to find, and there are millions around the world. No crystal skulls or holy grails here, though. The “treasures” are usually small tokens like shiny stones, cool keychains, or quirky oddities.

With an app on your phone, you can track them down, tag your finds, and leave your own treasures for others to track. Best part? You're getting in lots of steps while having a blast!

5. Knockout workout at martial arts!

There are lots of martial arts to try: taekwondo, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and so on. All of them improve balance, strength, coordination, and cardio fitness. Communities often spring up around dojos and gyms, too, so this is a fun way to get out and make some new friends. Plus you’ll be learning fun new moves! Whether you prefer kicks and punches, grappling, or even learning to use cool props, every martial art offers something different. 

6. Chase those Cirque du Soleil dreams

Ever wondered how gravity-defying Cirque du Soleil acrobats pull off those impossible-looking stunts? Now’s your chance to give it a try! OK, not the contortionism, but think graceful aerial dancers twirling on flowing ribbons. That’s what aerial yoga is all about. It’s a type of yoga done with a suspended hammock — and it’s a fabulous way to build strength and flexibility. If you're a little afraid to make the leap, most instructors offer beginner classes open to people of all fitness levels!