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Back-to-School FUN for the Family

Back-to-school is a great time to have some fun with your family. Here are some tips to make the most of this time without breaking the bank.

Back-to-School FUN for the Family

Back-to-school season can be super busy, but also great for spending quality time with the family. Get the family together with these fun activities during back-to-school season.

Turn back-to-school shopping into a scavenger hunt

Build excitement for the school year by letting your kids take some pride of ownership in their back-to-school supplies. Rather than buying everything for them, take them with you and make a game out of finding everything on the list. If your kids are old enough, challenge them to find the best deals. If not, have them lead you to the pencils, notebooks, and crayons, where you’ll make the final decision.

Make a game out of teaching kids to give back

If you’re able, consider donating a few school supplies to a local drive. Set a dollar limit and some parameters, and then let your kids decide exactly which items to donate. This is a great way to teach important lessons about caring for others while helping your kids learn to appreciate what they have.

Create a kids' "lunch bunch" station

You can cut down on your own daily workload while helping your kids feel empowered by letting them make their own school lunches. Buy and prepare simple grab-and-go snack items each week, such as carrot sticks or crackers. Put like items together in tubs, and tell your kids to pick out one item from each tub and put it in their lunchbox or paper bag. For smaller children, you can handle the main course. Slightly older kids can make their own sandwiches or similar main dishes.

Reach for the stars with a vision board

Since you’ll be buying school supplies anyway, now is a great time to help your kids create a vision board for the upcoming school year. Pick up a large poster board, along with some markers, stickers, stencils, and magazines to cut pictures from. Talk your kids through their hopes and dreams for the year, and encourage them to get creative about putting those ideas on the board. Set the finished board up in the child’s room or homework area, where it can serve as inspiration. At the end of the school year, talk about everything your child achieved during the year.

Throw a family back-to-school picnic

Whether you go the park or eat in your own backyard, this is a fun and easy way to bond with your kids during the back-to-school season. Take the opportunity to put your phones away and talk about the upcoming school year. Build excitement by asking each kid what they're looking forward to the most.