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5 Fashion Trends to Get You Out of Your PJs

Whether you prefer sequins or sweatpants, it's time to get out of our PJs again. Here, discover 5 fashion trends you can wear (almost!) anywhere.

5 Fashion Trends to Get You Out of Your PJs

Most of us spent the last year at home, in sweatpants... a style choice that has actually influenced fashion trends for 2021. And while most of us have leaned into comfortable clothing and fuss-free morning routines, we're starting to get excited about leaving the house again...even if it's just to visit a friend or check out a new restaurant.

So, when it comes to the style forecast for 2021, you can expect plenty of comfort, a dash of sparkle, and a hint of 'extra'-ness...a complete recipe for style success.

Here are 5 fashion trends to look out for this year as things get back to 'normal':

  1. Keep it comfortable in next-level loungewear
  2. Make the most of maximalist dressing
  3. Get resort-ready... even if you're staying home
  4. Ditch your high heels for down-to-earth styles
  5. Shop consciously and sustainably (and save money, too!)

1. Comfort Continues With Next-Level Loungewear

Loungewear and athleisure took center stage during the pandemic... and now that we've all gotten comfortable in leggings, joggers, and sweatpants, why would we ever say 'goodbye' to those comfy elastic waistbands? 

Fortunately, loungewear is continuing to stay on-trend, even after the pandemic - so no need to worry about fitting into your jeans from 2019. This season, keep an eye out for tracksuit-inspired styles, oversized and baggy clothing, and ultra-soft teddy and terry cloth fabrics. 

We love loungewear because, these days, you can really wear it anywhere. A matching tracksuit or sweatsuit with your favorite slide sandals is perfect for a casual lunch with your girlfriends, while athletic leggings, sneakers, and a windbreaker are great for running errands around town. Lounging at home? Trade your tried-and-true loungewear for soft-to-the-touch textured styles. 

2. More Is More (Especially When It Comes To Sequins)

In the past year, opportunities to get really dressed up have been few and far between... and now that weddings, parties, in-person date nights, and other events are back (and better than ever), why not go all out? There's a lot of lost time - and outfit opportunities - to make up for! Jump on the maximalist trend by mixing patterns and textures; choosing vibrant, psychedelic colors; and wearing sequins everywhere you go. 

Looking for a more subtle way to incorporate the maximalist trend into your outfit? Consider punching up your favorite little black dress with a pair of block-heeled shoes in a vibrant hue, or pairing a glittering pair of statement earrings with your wedding guest dress. 

Even if your social calendar is looking light, don't worry - you don't need a real 'occasion' to go all out with your outfit. After all, it's never a bad idea to add some sparkle to your day! Top off your outfit with a glittery blouse for your next parent-teacher conference; mix and match your favorite floral patterns for date night; or throw on a neon windbreaker when you run out for an afternoon coffee. When it comes to post-lockdown style, this is not the year to be a minimalist!

3. Ready. Set. Resort. 

Get in on this year's resortwear trend whether you're ready to travel or plan to stay home for a little while longer. When we say 'resortwear,' we mean pretty much anything you'd want to wear on vacation. Since the chances of having a 'normal' summer have increased since 2020, it's time to get into a vacation-ready mood... even if you're not planning on leaving your patio. When you're shopping, look out for tropical print shirts, fun cover-ups and kaftans, floppy hats, glamorous sunglasses, and so much more. Wear your best resort-ready outfit to your neighbor's Labor Day Weekend barbecue, or head to a nearby beach in your new swimsuit and cover-up. (Just add sunblock!)

4. Shoes That Fall Flat (In A Good Way!)

Like we said earlier, comfort is key... and fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell agrees. She told Marie Claire that she thinks comfortable footwear - like sneakers, espadrilles, and loafers - will remain crowd favorites. "As things get back to normal, pumps and moderate heels heights will be trending up while sky-scraping heels will continue to take a backseat.” So, stay down-to-earth with flat sandals, sneakers, slip-ons, and more - these shoe styles work better with the loungewear trend, anyway. And if you find yourself wanting to dress up, keep it (relatively) comfortable with a wedge or block-heel shoe. 

5. Conscious Consumption

This year, make a commitment to investing in high-quality, ethically-made, and sustainable items instead of buying into fast fashion - it's good for the environment, and also on-trend. Lately, there's been a big push towards conscious consumption and sustainable shopping. That could mean shopping from independent, up-and-coming creators, or browsing the racks at your local thrift shop or consignment store - a total win for your wallet and your wardrobe. Or, get your friends together for a wardrobe swap party so you can snag some new-to-you pieces. 

Plus, we're guessing you have a closetful of 'real' clothes you didn't get to wear for most of the last year. It's the perfect time to rediscover your pre-pandemic style and give it a fresh twist for 2021.

Whether you're continuing to work from home or want to look your best for the neighborhood barbecue, you don't need an excuse to jump on this year's post-pandemic fashion trends. From comfy tracksuits to Zoom-friendly sequin tops, there's truly something for everyone this season.